You are kind and compassionate. You are thoughtful when you speak and show empathy towards others.

…but sometimes you can get overwhelmed or have difficulty expressing your own opinion.


You are logical and organized. You look at issues fairly and are good at solving problems.

…but sometimes you are stubborn and stuck in your ways.


You are curious. You ask many questions and are eager to learn as much as possible.

…but it can be hard for you to make up your mind.


You are enthusiastic and ambitious. You bring a positive energy and like to think big.

…but you can get bored easily if the topic doesn’t interest you.


You are collaborative. You encourage teamwork and try to get people to agree.

…but sometimes you get frustrated when someone makes a mistake or is not paying attention.


You are a natural leader. You make sure that people stay on track and follow instructions.

…but sometimes you can be too bossy and act like a know-it-all.


You are the joker of the group. You make people laugh and have fun.

…but sometimes you lose your focus and take the conversation off-topic.


You are creative. You always have lots of new thoughts and ideas to share.

…but sometimes you believe your ideas are best and don’t listen to what others are saying.