Help your students cultivate the knowledge, attitudes and skills to participate constructively in political discussions. 


Democracy needs bridges

Heightened social tensions, and the erosion of democratic norms around the world, only underscore the need for constructive dialogue skills. Democracy requires bridges between different perspectives.

PoliTalks supports educators in bringing political discussions to the classroom. 

Resources and tools are designed to help students practice active listening, perspective-taking, and respectful self-expression skills, and build relevant contextual awareness. 

Materials are free with registration, and programming is designed for grades 5-12. Register to be kept up to date as new materials are released.

Free with registration:

  • Constructive Discussions: A Canadian educator’s guide to best practices in the classroom. 
  • Access to lesson plans, activities, and support materials on the following themes: Identities and Pluralism, Perspectives and Opinions, Political Ideologies, Underlying Values
  • Opportunity to participate in real-world activities including classroom visits with elected representatives